Friday, 28 March 2008

On-Air Giggles

For anyone else who loves BBC Radio 4.

Stiff-upper-lip-Queen's-English radio presenter and supreme professional Charlotte Green cracking up on air at the first recorded human voice. I don't blame her, it does sound like a fly buzzing around in a jar.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Franco-British Relations Set to Worsen

Following an Easter break at home in the UK, I have been eagerly awaiting the excitement of a days which not only sees and England v France friendly at the Stade de France, but also a state visit from Président Sarko and his lovely wife, to see the Queen in London. Hilarious.

I am not into football, but like a good sport accompanied my friends to a bar by the Gare du Nord, where our compatriots were embarrassingly perpetuating the great British tradition of drinking too much and hitting people prior to a match. There was also a group of rather charming looking young men, neo-nazis by the looks of it, chanting some songs - no doubt about fair play and gracious losing and such - at the mouth of the métro station, which I gvae a wide berth and found a Vélib. As I type we are inevitably losing. Looking on the bright side however, there is plenty of footage of Beckham, looking concerned that we're losing, but thrilled to have his 100th cap before he retires.

So. The real story of the day has been Président Bling-Bling's visit to London. Already last week rumour was swirling - he's bring his mum along for the ride, no, yes.. and Carla's as well, outrageous, he's been told not to wear his Raybans and to lose the gold Rolex, not surprised, he looks like a tiny little gangster - but the final coup came this morning, with the news that Christie's was auctioning a nude photo of Mrs Bruni Sarkozy from 15 years ago. So what with that and remembering not to touch the Queen (at all, Chirac, not even a flirty brush of the hand) it was always going to be a stessful day, not helped by Sarko's look of boredom as he inspected the troops outside Buckingham Palace at record speed, leaving ageing Prince Philip wheezing and puffing to catch him up, nor but the fact that his wife almost joined him in doing so and had to be motioned back into line, nor the fact that both her and the Prime Minister's wife looked like they were about to drop off during Sarkozy's address to Parliament, during which he said all the right things about a close relationship, brotherhood and promised to send more French to the slaughter in Afghanistan, possibly inspired by Prince Harry.

The real game has been trying to get pics of Bruni's outfit (demure verging on nun-like). What does the body language say to you?

Friday, 14 March 2008

Pearly whites outfit

I've just listed this vintage pearl necklace and I thought it would look great with a sloppy deep-v sweater made from this cashmere yarn by elliebelly:

... worn slouchy, over this beautiful handpainted silk cami by DoubleLuck:

... a pair of indigo skinny jeans like this high-waist number from Fablesbybarrie:

with some dove grey heels, like these from StepBackInTime:

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

little red anorak girl accessories launched

Not only has she got her own shop, but little red anorak girl now has her own line of little red accessories. Using designs by Sarah's husband Jools framed in brass frames with matching trinkets, each necklace, bracelet or brooch comes with its own matching notecard.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Women, know your limits

At the corporate for which I work, we have managed to put International Women's Day (March 8th) on the calendar, with an annual comms campaign to raise awareness about the issues women still face, which has a mixed reception from men and women alike in France. Other countries in which we have a presence, welcome the idea with open arms, organising events and provide editorial which puts the French HQ in the shade. We mark the day with a celebration of the role models which inspire the rest of us in the company and by and large, the message from these women who have struggled to the top, is that it can be done, but it may be harder then it would have been for a man.

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview one of our most prominent female executives. Decorated several times by the French government for her services to business and industry, she has successfully combined three children with a glittering corporate career and remains an inspiration to other women in the group. Charming and helpful, she was a pleasure to talk to.

Her message was one of informed choice. If women choose a career - not necessarily a corporate career, I believe this holds true in most circumstances - they must accept that in most societies it will be tough and that they will have to work harder than men to get to the top. Companies can and should smooth the way with support and encouragement and give their women employees the opportunities to make their own career decisions, with the support of managers and peers. It is for her to decide whether or not she will be able to take on more responsibility soon after returning from maternity leave, or manage a new team with children of school-age at home. Some women I have spoken to at my workpace think that childcare issues for example, are not the employer's business and should be sorted out between parents, away from the office. They don't think women need special treatment, but personally, while we are still paid less, work harder and tend to be primary carers for our children, I don't see any reason to refuse every tiny scrap of support, every nod in the direction of flexible working, every payrise that nudges us closer to our male team members.

To plaigirise Harry Enfield (see clip above), if employers make a bit more of an effort: "Women, know that your limits are further than you think!" Happy Women's Day, dudes.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Little Anorak Girl gets her own shop

Little Anorak Girl has her own little shop now on etsy, where all Little Anorak Girl stationery can sit happily together and wait to be bought.

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