Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The quest for a level floor

Think my cold is coming to an end and I may venture to the appartment today. D doing a great job single-handedly removing all wallpaper to reveal old, weak plaster unfortuantely so we will need to put up lining paper before painting. Today's task is to scrape off the glue from the carpet and have another go at re-levelling the floor with levelling agent and the help of our expert friend. If not, we have professionals on stand-by to lay a skin across half of the floor on which the flooring people can lay our floor.

I like the levelling compound, close-up it looks like lava.

Ps: Look! Two doors! In the same room!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The wall comes down...

We had the keys on Friday and our friends helped us to knock down the wall on Saturday, for which I love them all dearly as it was highly nerve-wracking!

More dust than I have ever seen...

Monday, 14 July 2008

Four days in Paris

Sarah and the Iron Lady.

Ostensibly here to watch Lenny 'the gorgeous' Kravitz play the Zenith on Wednesday night (Sarah, see pics for 07/02 and weep) pink milk Sarah and her husband Jools spent four happy (and two rather damp) days pottering around Paris while we were at work.

Lunch in the Marais, note the Hello Berlin necklace.

I joined them on Friday for lunch in the Marais and a quicker-than-expected whiz round the Richard Avedon expo at the Jeu de Paume, a solid retrospective of his portraiture and in particular, work produced in the early eighties on the American West, then a walk through the Tuileries. I enjoyed it so much I think I shall go again and think you should too if you are in Paris this summer.

Evening activities included drinks in the Fourmis, poker and plenty of good food and wine.

A short Saturday - due to over-indulgence the night before, as I celebrated my winning poker hand above - was spent pottering around Abbesses having coffee and doing some uncharacteristically restrained shopping with a poke around La Cave à fripes for vintage and Bel Air for new.

Thank you Sarah for my littleanorkagirl birthday necklace!

We topped the week off with dinner at Hôtel du Nord on the Canal St Martin, my favourite Parisian dining establishment, with an apéro ou digestif (pourquoi pas les deux?) at Chez Prune over the humpbacked bridge on the other side of the water.

As always, we had a delightful meal, to round off a delightful few days. And after three short hours of sleep, they left for the aiport early the next morning.

Thank you for coming, let's not leave it so long next time!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

You will have noticed

a lack of recent activity. This is because I am living in a world of pain and headaches relating to our flat purchase and Sarah is trying to move to Crete, find and job and buy a car all at once. Plus, I left my camera in the back of Nancy's car when I went to England a couple of weeks ago, so pink milk will be a little quiet over the summer months as we attempt to renovate our new flat in the space of three weeks and Sarah does the car/job/move trick.

But. Last week saw Sarah and her husband with us in Paris for the first time in three years, so photos will be posted off the pink milk girls rocking the capital from many a café terrace soon. Fun was had, vintage was fingered wistfully and budgets were borne in mind...
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