Wednesday, 18 April 2007

A Hard Knock Life

Look what little orphan Annie knocked up when Miss Hannigan wasna't looking... cute, huh?

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Material Girls

Eyeing up nice things the other day I wondered into H&M and found myself in front of the collection 'designed' by Madonna, after deliberately avoiding it since its launch. With what looked like a music promo playing on a wide screen above my head, specially-designed tags and attendant prices, it had all the ingredients of a Stella McCartney/Viktor & Rolf-style H&M fashion happening and I fully expected to see the same stark, empty donkey rails and piles of the collection's less wearable pieces trampled underfoot.

But no, it was all still there, hanging neatly.

On closer inspection it was clear to see why, the fabric was of the sort of quality you'd expect to see on a market stall which meant that the clothes didn't even look good on the hanger. Thin, plasticky pleather made a black zipped dress look like a binbag and unlined cream trousers meant that VPL would be more Courtney Love then Dita von Teese. Ever one to jump on the bandwagon, it looks like Madonna has barely covered her tracks on this one. Will Kate Moss' designers show the same disdain for her customers in her collection for Topshop? Let's hope not.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Sunny Happy Easter story

After a rather madcap few weeks, a lovely, sunny Easter weekend was just what the doctor ordered (bizarrely, I have since gone down with some sort of hideous virus, but hey...).

After a sunny Saturday pottering around and having a yummy lunch in a cafe in the Marais, we went to see Oxmo Puccino and the Jazz Bastards. Very random, very good, as was the West African meal we had afterwards. With the sun still beaming down on Sunday, we escaped the city and took the train to a nearby forest for a walk and a picnic . Munching sandwiches with a glass of Bulmers in our sunny glade, we heard rustling in the bushes... weirdo? Marauder? Shagging couple? No, two deer, who ran out in front of us with their little white tails bobbing like Bambi on speed.

A yummy dinner from a fabulous cook and an evening of British comedy (a rare treat and a welcome change from French humour) rounded off the day nicely. Another picnic in Monday with friends near Les Invalides was so sun-drenched our feeble skin burnt, despite the sun cream.

So there. All picnicked-out and back at work, and writing a story about favourite Etsy items...

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Elsewhere on Etsy... pick of today

Pottering round the shops on Etsy I came across this elegant top:
From LadyPeacock, if I say so myself, it would look great with black skinnies, patent heels and some sort of purplely, jewel-toned accessories, or perhaps this rather glamorous sautoir... In fact, just the thing for work when I find the elusive black skinny trousers which look in no way like jeans, suitable for a rather old-school office...
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