Sunday, 20 June 2010

Cupcake camp

Cupcakes hit Paris a while ago, with Parisian and expat bakers and patissiers following big New York and London names like the Magnolia and Hummingbird bakeries onto the bandwagon, with varying results. Spongey cake is not the French baker's natural medium but Berko, Chloe's and Synie's Cupcakes represent the designer end of the market. *Without trying all of them* a general observation from a real-live Anglo Saxon is that more needs to be more in terms of icing. Do not forget that this is the simplest of baked goods to recreate at home, bakers will find the bandwagon may well run out of steam if prices touch the €5 mark they are currently grazing. Before it does, we will be checking out the first Cupcake Camp at the Bistro Vivienne for a sweet Sunday afternoon.

Individual wedding cakes are where it's currently at for me, courtesy of Meg Rivers, an organic baker from my home region in the UK.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Are you a bored fifties housewife?

Take a look at our latest listing, False Idol, the Story of a Mother's Deception. Featuring classic fifties cover art and ads, plus chapter headings like 'Peter learns the truth' and 'You lied to me!' this is guaranteed to help you wile away the hours between pegging out the handwashed terry towelling nappies, and cleaning the oven with a toothbrush. Put your feet up and dream of dishwashers...

Found in a Brighton antiques market, last weekend...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

English seaside weekend par excellence

So, my hen weekend was the perfect English summer seaside weekend. Beautiful weather, sunburn and laughs with some of my favourite girls. It started with fish and chips on the beach.

It also featured the funfair on the pier, beach picnics and an early-morning run along the promenade.

Plenty of shopping along the way, including some beautiful turquoise sandals with gold trim, from Yoma in North Laines, and some Space Invaders at 3am on Sunday morning.

Champagne-fuelled pottery painting at the Painting Pottery Cafe, with the theme of... me....

It ended with fresh prawns, cockles, whelks, mussals, a couple of oysters and a pickled herring for good measure, on the front. And a sunburnt back.

When can I come back? A vintage weekend.

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