Sunday, 20 June 2010

Cupcake camp

Cupcakes hit Paris a while ago, with Parisian and expat bakers and patissiers following big New York and London names like the Magnolia and Hummingbird bakeries onto the bandwagon, with varying results. Spongey cake is not the French baker's natural medium but Berko, Chloe's and Synie's Cupcakes represent the designer end of the market. *Without trying all of them* a general observation from a real-live Anglo Saxon is that more needs to be more in terms of icing. Do not forget that this is the simplest of baked goods to recreate at home, bakers will find the bandwagon may well run out of steam if prices touch the €5 mark they are currently grazing. Before it does, we will be checking out the first Cupcake Camp at the Bistro Vivienne for a sweet Sunday afternoon.

Individual wedding cakes are where it's currently at for me, courtesy of Meg Rivers, an organic baker from my home region in the UK.


Away with the fairy's said...

Im heading to paris july time! so will have to try this place if you recommend it! :)

pinkmilk said...

It was a one-off last Sunday, but Berko's on rue Lepic in the 18th is a great bakery to try.

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