Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Sunday like we used to have

What feels like months of painfully hard work are becoming manageable, if not coming to an end. We moved mid-August, into a flat with no floor in the main room, full to the newly smooth ceiling with boxes and furniture and little by little are touching up, arranging and unpacking. On Sunday we had our first lazy day in three months, wandering round the quartier from café, to bar, to steps of the Sacré Coeur. Edging back to normality, happy faces!

Sarah is also in DIY heaven at the moment, the last I head they were priming walls and sawing bit off kitchen units. pink milk will be a little more lively soon, once I have located the pink milk box and created some sort of area. I found a vintage scarf I'd sold to a girl in the States on Portobello Market when stranded in London because of the Eurostar fire, the other week. I also bought an ealry 70s hairclip still in its packaging whch will be photographed and listed soon.

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