Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Cannes Cannes Tiffany's

The fruits of a little flurry of silver screen-inspired activity are now up on etsy. Up first is this croisette ribbon with a little delicate strass and sparkle for understated elegance as you walk the red carpet:

My fave is the Audrey Hepburn me booch, featuring pearls and tiny little ballet pumps for le complete look:
...and plenty of other sellers have gone a little Audrey as well. Kinichi River's beautiful silver bracelet sets off pedal pushers and a cute white T, while this perfectly proportioned retro shopper is just the right size for a girl's essentials, at SaraKate. The Audrey prize has to go to this beautiful necklace however, by Oldbutnew. Too bad it's sold out...

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