Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tagged! Seven things about us...

Working hard on a commission for a wedding - five sets of bridemaid's accessories, including clutches with brooches, which are going to magically materialise from the picture above, to go with Sarah's stunning butterflies and bridesmaids necklaces. I have been fighting my way through Saturday shopping crowds in St Pierre and the Marais for fabric, but before I get down to it, here are seven 'interesting' things about us to make your click worthwhile, after Pepperina Press's tag last week:

1.Kate has had arthritis since she was 17, a possibly consequence of gymnastics in her formative years...
2.Despite this, she was once an artist's foot model.
3.Staying with feet for a moment, Sarah has an enormous big toe
4.While they were travelling round Europe many years ago, Sarah accidentally trashed the first rose a handsome man had ever given to Kate (as far as I can remember he was handsome... it was in Rome at the Trevi Fountain however, so for the purposes of the tale let's stick with handsome). She has since forgiven her.
5.During the same trip, they both survived for several days on crusty bread, Philedelphia cheese and cherries, so they could buy pretty things to take home.
6.Sarah lives in a small town near Athens, thankfully not razed to the ground by this summer's forect fires.
7.They have known each other for 16 years and used to wear a purple uniform. Joli...

Tagged, you are: Bibbity Bob; Shiny (post-wedding); The GoodBooks; Veronica Darling; Weenie, Pampering Beki and Michelle Brusegaard.

1 comment:

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Yay, you did it!

I think you're the only artist's foot model I've ever heard of. And yes, all men are allowed to be handsome at the Trevi Fountain.

Well, most.

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