Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Delightful evening of yum

After a rather scary moment when I thought the Mac didn't like the camera - shock, horror - I made sure it did with this photo of the end of a lovely and very rare evening of lazing around having baths reading and listening to nice music. It used to be red berries, kiwi and grapes in vanilla fromage frais. I'm finding moving it to the bottom of the text rather than the top quite challenging, so any tips gratefully received.

Photos are to come of our wedding commission in situ at said Hawaiian wedding soon, but thankfully not until I've worked out how to paste photos elsewhere on the page otherwise I'd have to do some complicated uploading order thing and that would be a right headache... Document and download stacks have disappeared too, hope am not completely incompetent at this Mac thing...

Anyway nevermind, sure I'll get my head round Leopard in good time. Had a lovely compliment from a buyer today, thanks Sara!

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