Monday, 17 December 2007

Sarko going out with Bruni shocker

A little festive puzzle for you. What do you get when you cross this Franco-Italian ex-supermodel turned rather successful singer with two low-key, laid-back dinner soirée style albums to her name, 39:

...with this, vertically-challenged former lawyer turned conservative Président of France, of Hungarian extraction, 52?

A relationship. Plus this pre-Christmas scene of romantic bliss at Disneyland Paris on Saturday (yes, that's right, how chic):

CB: Mama mia it's cold, but you're so manly and powerful. And you're the Prés.
NS: Freezing yes, look adoringly at me, right... now.
CB: Excellent angle, makes you look at least as tall as me, if not taller. No one will ever know you only come up to my shoulder. How manly and powerful you look with your collar turned up against the cold, in a rakishly Euro-stylish way.
NS: Yes. Must find out where Tom Cruise bought his insoles when he was married to Nicole Kidman... We're both immigrants you know darling - I said immigrants not racaille - which is excellent as it shows how I really like people of other ethnic origins, wildly different to my own.
CB: Quite. You're so manly and powerful, so French and Hungarian in much the same way that I'm both French and Italian at the same time. Crazy huh?

Gosh, or rather oh làaaaa, as the story was all over the French press this morning, after the couple 'came out' and posed happily for snappers at said theme park on Saturday, on a trip with Bruni's young son and... mother. A close supporter of the President, Le Figaro newspaper ran a front-page photo of Bruni this morning with the headline 'The President's girlfriend' (chapeau for subtlety) and has already launched into a rather frenentic and, dare we say it tabloid-looking campaign of gushing headlines asking 'Would Carla Bruni make a good First Lady?' and articles revealing her social awareness and support of Sarko's presidential rival and Socialist candidate Ségolène Royale. Interesting how glam she can make a rather dwarfish, sometimes slightly fascist politician look.

Odds on for Gordon Brown and Kate Moss?


Mash said...

I think thats riddiculous and outrageous for your country , shame on them .... shame on ELLE because Carla Bruni did the cover one week after the storie with the president ....

pinkmilk said...

Not my country (I'm Engish ;) ) but yes. He's becoming a bit of Berlusconi and making himself look faintly ridiculous. The Paris tabloids are now talking about a possible February wedding hich does sound rather outlandish...

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