Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunny Sunday of indecision

A lovely sunny Sunday. Just back from the market and about to eat cheese on toast, so all is right with the world. Or it would be were we not in an agony of indecision over yet another flat, which is going for a song but needs work. Great potential to be stylishly renovated, yet rather small. Property in Paris is small though, so we're trying to decide whether to buy it, make it look lovely and to sell on in a couple of years... or not. Prices are rising before our eyes, so buying at all will be out of our grasp if we don't jump soon... agghh. Anyway, back to the sunshine and the cheese on toast.

This week we learned more about one of our favourite items on sale, this sterling silver fern brooch, inherited from Sarah's great aunt. RoxyPalace got in touch to say that it was in fact a sought-after New Zealand souvenir from the fifties or sixties, when travel became easier, sowing the seeds for the tourism industry which the country enjoys today. With Hei Tiki Paua shell inlay, this is one of our most beautful items at the moment.

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Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Lovely! And ooh, good luck with the decision on the flat! These are the dilemmas that suddenly make us feel alarmingly like grown-ups, right?

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