Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Brit charity shop finds

After a week in the UK with family, I came back ladened with little finds from the rather fabulous charity shops near to my grandmother's house. This, I loved and was frankly quite sad it sold within hours as I enjoyed wearing it (I don't think I'm meant to admit that?). A little handcarved imitation bone brooch, depicting a deer surrounded by thistles which I think was originally from the Highlands, was sent to a lucky girl in Japan:

There was also a really chunky, luminous mock amber bangle, which is now winging its way to the States, but very similar to this one found by Sarah in the flea market in Athens:

I also got carried away with the May Day sunshine and bought this little enamel cutie:

So there. yesterday on the etsy homepage was a vintage mushroom tulle shrug by a designer that I was going to feature (as if it needed more publicity, it was divine) but I can't find it now. I've just found and bought these though from Dragonhead, which are equally as beautiful, so that make everything alright.

1 comment:

veronica darling said...

Oh yes that little carved brooch is lovely! Hope you had a good trip!

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