Monday, 16 June 2008

The Before Photos....

This afternoon we went to visit our almost-flat. We measured up and noted plugs and tapped walls, our estate agent, Mr Raimbault was his usual helpful self and brought along a fantastic little gadget which measures distances with a laser. Rambo is great, unlike P from the bank, who is not.

This was the old lady's bedroom and will be our lounge.

She has left behind a hulking great wardrobe, which takes up a lot of space and would need a coat of paint, but would provide great storage. Undecided as to what to do, but as its on a wall that we are taking down it will need to go anyway...
Same wardrobe. It really is massive as the ceilings are 3metres high, or they will be once we remove the original and stylish polystyrene ceiling tiles that are currently taking 5cm of precious space. Why would you?

It's on the ground floor, but higher at the back. An optimistic and probably now rather disappointed neighbour had hung a French flag in preparation for Euro 08.

Now we're in the kitchen. The wall to the left will be taken down with Simon's special wall-removing machine which I'm quite looking forward to having a go with. There are also units to the right, for the time being we'll paint over the veneer until we redo the kitchen, in a Farrow & Ball-ish Matchstick, or Ball Green-ish type colour.

These cupboards are the best bit. Also to be painted for the time being.

We cross the hall, into the bathroom. Lino to be replaced with parquet.

The bathroom will do for the time being, but, this being a very important place for me I will be needing a bigger bath...

Little tiny bathroom window and another big cupboard, which can stay for now.

From the bathroom into the kitchen, D and Rambo measuring... something.

Finaly, our bedroom, formerly the lady's lounge. The windows has silly non-opening bits on the side, which only leaves a gap of 80cm... the lovely squashy sofa is 77cm tall and too big for the front door... Hmm.

So voilà. We'll be spending July steaming off wallpaper, pulling up carpet, removing ceiling tiles, tearing up lino, knocking down a wall, filling, sanding, painting, putting up more wallpaper, hopefully getting an electrician to do something to the plugs to make them modern and laying flooring. Then packing and moving in. Wish us luck.


Helen Evans said...

I'm thrilled for you, and so happy that you're posting these photos. Of course *j'adore Paris* AND I loooove before-and-afters, so I'll be watching this space expectantly, hoping for progress reports and more pictures. I'll be thinking the good thoughts for you!

pinkmilk said...

Thank you! We need the good thoughts as both been felled with colds and most of our friends are away... D is working hard on his own and am willing self to get better s I can help soon. Two weeks to lay floors and paint... the rest can wait until we're in! Hope your little family is well. xxx

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