Saturday, 2 August 2008

Stop, start, stop...

We've been working really hard this week - especially D - and treated ourselves to a nice lunch in a sunny garden mid-week featuring the café gourmand above, yum yum.

Unfortunately, the electrician hasn't been doing the same and at the half-way point of his job, we still have huge slashes in the walls, all ready for electrical cables, yet no actual wiring.

We've started to paint where he won't need to touch and the kitchen is already transformed form the yellowing, poky space it was before. Units won't be staying like that by the way, but not really a priority when we still have no floors and minimal walls painted so close to our move date... which we're having to extend by a week, but the electrician doesn't need to know that, does he?

1 comment:

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Don't tell the electrician!

It's like when you have a perpetually-late friend and you always tell them an arrival time a half-hour before the *real* time.

(And: how annoying.)

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