Thursday, 20 November 2008

Potentially of little interest... anyone but Helen and other advent calendar design enthusiasts, but I am thrilled to have an Hotel Chocolat advent calendar in my house. In its own special sleeve like a precious book.

It is nicely designed and very grown-up, if a little on the traditional side regarding colour choices... silver, red and grey perhaps somewhat overdone this time of year, what about a lovely icy blue to match my ironing board cover?

Tastefully swirly Christmas tree on a glossy black flock print, masking chocolately delights. And very delicious indeed they are too (see below), none of your cheap pretend chocolate in sight.

Yes, number 24 has already been enjoyed, but we won't be here past the 19th, so why ever not?!

1 comment:

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Ohhh, it *is* fabulous!

I bought one for Berry last week. You've reminded me to find a good place to hang it (coffee table: not acceptable!)

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