Sunday, 11 October 2009

snakeskin and sun showers

A busy, dreary few weeks, brightened by some lovely weekends at the races, lovely dinners, lovely cocktails... After lunch in the Marais yesterday with friends from London during which an unusually obliging waitress helped us make a sunshade/come shower cover out of a spare tablecloth for our friend's baby, I found this snakeskin vintage clutch/shoulder bag which I love... one to keep for me, as I sell too many things that I love. So there, hands off. Also delighted to find the new branch of Cos, which, along with the new and massive Uniqlo at Opéra will make for a marvellous new season shopping trip next pay day. For it is tax season in France, oh yes, we are all poor. The red Uniqlo cashmere sweater and navy Cos jumper dress for the will have to wait another day.

Another find, was the lilac wine floral scarf, just listed...

Anyway. For ages now I have been hearting peacocky things and while it's too late on a Sunday night to post about all the gorgeous peacock themes items I have found - however beautifully they would go with my new snakeskin bag - that will be coming soon.

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