Thursday, 26 August 2010

After a long absence

... we are back. Fabulous and wonderful wedding: done, wonderful and perfect honeymoon: done, returning to find our home underwater: done... In the middle of a complicated insurance claim that will take months to sort out, we are temporarily homeless and mourning the loss of some - thankfully not many - treasured belongings. Most upsettingly, this includes most of our wedding cards, which are being carefully dried out so they can still make it to the scrapbook. Bad times.

Our cheering-ourselves-up stragey includes lots of time spent looking at happy, smiling wedding pictures like the one above, burying ourselves in bed with books and films, and blog wandering to find inspiring pictures of other people's stylish and lovely homes, that have not recently been under 6cm of water. The Someday Blog is a rather gorgeous recent find, set to become a favourite... More suggestions, internet-based or otherwise, for general escapism from the whole thing would be very much appreciated.


Jill said...

Speechless at this post. The most happy picture and memories, followed by such a sad story. Good luck on getting your home back together soon!

pinkmilk said...

Thank you, Jill! Looking forward to the putting-back-together stage as well.

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