Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Kate Moss for Christmas

Kate Moss' hotly-awaited Christmas collection for Topshop was unveiled at a celebrity party in London this week, plus a rather fabulous and seventies-influenced fringe, which we salute.

This season saw affordable cashmere and trademark flippy floral dresses, cut boxily across the shoulders, for a flattering, puffed-sleeved answer to body-con. Wearable and elegant wide-legged trousers were a welcome return to post-smock chic albeit nothing new, the matching tweed waistcoat turned up on Ebay for three times the recommended retail price and skinny rib-bearing vest tops was spotted all over late summer London.

Although her new perfume - available exclusively at... Superdrug, when frankly we were expecting Selfridges - may have made small ripples rather than big splash, La Moss hit the fashion nail squarely on the head once again with the latest offering from her design team, which includes Brit uber-stylist, Katy England.

For Christmas, long and slinky is key, with floor-length gowns, shimmery mini dresses and trousers in luxe-look fabrics,and colour is muted and flattering on winter skin. The purdy hair is optional, but tempting after shaggy boho locks. Take a look and make your wishlist before it hits stores on October 25th and let the party season begin.

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Katie said...

I love her fringe, & am thinking of getting one quite like it (will I then be as glamorous?).

The ipod walks really do gear you up & bring you down during walks to and from work.

Nature & technology blend well in this case.

I'm turning into an advertisement.

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