Sunday, 28 October 2007

Mint Prints

Sarah sent me some fabrics a few weeks ago and I have yet to do anything with them. Check the pretty prints, I was going to make some sort of little person with the different colourways of the apple print... or purse... or something else entirely...

This one is my favourite, in a 1950s circle skirt kinda way:

Thursday is a bank holiday here in France and my company closes for Friday too, so I'm planning a lovely day of me-activities, involving reading in cafes and pottering round Paris going to exhibitions (Les Annees Folles on 20s fashion at the Galliera museum or the Weegee exhibition at the Maillol museum *I just checked and I've missed it, gah* or an afternoon showing of Largerfed Confidentiel to throw popcorn at him the possibilities are endless) followed by reading and dozing on the sofa... and then a weekend. Love it.

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