Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter weekend

...was a boozy dinner with an old friend and Saturday morning making videos with imovie. It was Cambodian caramelised porc in Le Cambodge after a wet wait in the drizzle, and a warm walk home along the Canal St Martin with full bellies.

It was coriander roast chicken à la Alison for Easter dinner and finding out we'd been featured on Laughing Lantern's blog with pink milk's Mary Poppins necklace. To return the favour, we love her Carnival notelets, for the acid pinks and greens.

It was painting the bathroom and putting up a shower door and feeling quite pleased that we didn't break anything. It was also pink milk Sarah leaving for two weeks in Japan, and me looking forward to her photos.

1 comment:

stephrudolph said...

Thanks guys - I feel warm & fuzzy. :)

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