Sunday, 9 May 2010

Brunch belly and vintage bags

...after a belated birthday brunch, I can no longer ingest anything. At all. Busy digesting on the sofa and enjoying my birthday flowers.

A winding walk back through the sunny afternoon in Montmartre and we can across a brocante, where I picked up this chain mail handbag. It's in very good condition, with just one or two links missing around the hinge. No label, but so beautiful and heavy, for my collection, mits off.

One day, when we have some space, I shall have all my vintage handbags together, in a room just for me...

First produced in the late nineteenth century, chain mail bags were a major trend in the twenties, inspired by the medieval revival, and were often paired with the floaty silks and chiffons of the flapper era. Whiting and Davis is the name to look out for on the clasp, an American company which produced trend-defining models into the fifties, when chain mail bags enjoyed a revival. The company still produces mesh bag collections today, including a reproduction of the classic flapper bag.

Coming later this evening to pink milk vintage is this pillar-box red faux leather envelope clutch. I love the gold trim, very maje...

ps, a treasury of my lazy Sunday with etsy's new Treasury East feature

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