Sunday, 30 May 2010

Parisian packaging

I love a shop which knows how to wrap its customers' purchases, I have even been known to pretend the item I am buying was a gift, just to have it wrapped up. L'oeuf Paris, in trendy South Pigalle (...SoPi?) surpassed itself for fabulous wrapping this weekend. Not only did I get a free sweetie to decorate my purchase, but it was heat-sealed into a plastic box.

Looking at the size of the ring I had bought (tiny gold rope, made into a bow! diamanté!) I am not sure whether such efforts are sublime or ridiculous.

Fabulous, in any case.

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Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

Oh my goodness! I am a big believer in packaging as part of the purchase experience... but... maybe they need a variety of box sizes? That one does seems a bit excessive, especially in terms of the amount of plastic.
But an adorable concept!

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