Monday, 5 July 2010

Séléctionnée! / Chosen!

Un grand merci au super site de marketing de bouche-à-l'oreille trnd, qui m'a séléctionnée de tester un Nespresso Citiz machine... et de la garder après! On l'a choisi en couleur crème vintage, bien sûr.

Plutôt thé comme une bonne anglaise, est-ce que le fait d'avoir une Nespresso à la maison va me transformer en caffeinomane? Watch this space...

A big thank you to the team at word-of-mouth-marketing site trnd, who are sending me a Nespresso Citiz machine to test. (And keep afterwards. My mornings just got easier!) Obviously, I went for the retro cream option, which I am hoping will go splendidly with the new kitchen we have planned, courtesy of the upstairs neighbour's insurance company after water started pouring through the ceiling a couple of weeks ago.

Generally more a tea girl, I'm hoping I won't be transformed into a caffeine-craving mess in the weeks before my wedding. Not a good brdial look.

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