Sunday, 26 September 2010

In own bed

This is not my bed, nor even my headboard, but maybe one day it will be. MSTRF's Liber headboard is to my mind the sort of solid, heavy influence required in a bedroom, with a nod to mid-century geometric style.

After two months sleeping in empty flats, spare beds and unused beds, we are finally back in our own. A few weeks of respite while we wait for the four insurance companies to come to enough of an agreement to start the complete redecoration that is needed to rectify the water damage, time to breathe long and deeply.

Thank you dear friends, for your kindness in the bed department recently.


Anonymous said...

At LAST! But *four* insurance companies?! Is this a French quirk?

pinkmilk said...

No, just a complicated claim. Leaks from two different flats above, plus our insurance company, plus that of the company running the building for us... headache doesn't quite cover it. But keep calm and carry on, hey!

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