Sunday, 10 October 2010

Blushbaby, by Mary Quant

Blushbabies pink their cheeks with Mary Quant! A super find at a Batignolles flea market on a recent Sunday sortie: Mary Quant Blushbaby blusher, unused with brush and insert. Now that life is slowly returning to normal for the Paris half of pink milk, we will be doing a lot more of this sort of thing, and we can't wait.

A staple of the sixties London scene, Mary Quant is an iconic designer famous for the Swinging Sixties look of Chelsea girls-about-town, miniskirts, coloured tights and skinny rib knits. At the forefront of the boutique culture that took London by storm in the sixties, Quant's Kings Road shop became a favourite hipster hangout. In 1966, she was given an OBE by the Queen, for her services to British fashion.

Mary Quant cosmetics were launched in Great Britain the same year, and in Japan in 1971, where Nippon girls were going crazy for the London look. Quant made regular visits to the country thoughout the seventies and eighties, launching accessories and home lines as well, in the early eighties.

Quant designed the packaging herself, in iconic white, black and silver to highlight the product colours, all featuring the trademarked daisy logo.

Today, Mary Quant cosmetics are available for mailorder in Japan online, or from the London store.

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Anonymous said...

I looove it. Adorable packaging!

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