Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trouvé: table récup'

Last Sunday, we picked a table up off the street, and brought it home. I have never done this before, it felt a little like stealing, a little like virtuous recycling. It was quite heavy, and I was bright red with exertion and embarrassment stemming from a feeling of doing something slightly naughty, and the sneaking suspicion that someone was going to come running up the street after us, demanding their table back.

They didn't, in Paris it is quite usual to leave out objets encombrants, big items that you are getting rid of, in the street for the council to pick up the next morning. So we saved them the trouble, and are very pleased with our wide, solid, hardwood coffee table. It may not quite go with the mid-century aesthetic of the lounge, but it fits the size of the sofa and will be great in our next, bigger space.

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