Friday, 15 July 2011

I heart my ScandiPhone

Last week the phone died. 'Died' is maybe not quite accurate, 'was killed by the wrong kind of batteries' more so. A little electrical pop and the non-rechargeable batteries quietly exploded, leaking battery fluid all over the inside of the handset and corroding the casing. Gone.

Nevermind, it wasn't exactly a style classic... unlike its replacement, our new mint green ScandiPhone, picked out by Mr pink milk Paris, on his own, no prompting. He went straight for it, possibly due to our current obsession with the original series of The Prisoner, with Patrick McGoohan.

Originally manufactured by Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson as the Ericofon, these telephones are mighty pieces of design from the fifties, that tapped straight into sixties space race cyber chic. There has been an example in the New York Museum of Modern Art since 1973, that's how cool my living room just became. The ScandiPhone, by Wild & Wolf is a modern interpretation, with push-buttons for the modern market instead of a dial, but the same, single-piece shell and styling. We found ours in 1962 at Abbesses, which specialises in mid-century design and stocks the widest selection of Orla Kiely I have found in Paris so far.

..."Hello, number two?"

4, rue Tholozé
75018 Paris

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