Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Brain drain

I have no time to post today and am very tired and might fall asleep soon, but I have just spent a guilty five minutes on popsugar and thought I would raise a couple of points:

  • Good to know SJP is a foodie, I like her even more now. Perhaps we buy the same brand of delicious jam or something.

  • What are these shades? I mean really? Dubious isn't the word, Tom Cruise looks like a member of Boyzone from 1998. I think you know which one I mean.
  • Katie Holmes' new hair is delicious and despite a recent photo in which she looked a little... heavy of leg, that red coat is fabulous. Fringes are the future, as long as you don't have my sort of hair.
Night night.

1 comment:

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Ohh – I just realised that with the bob and that cute red coat, Katie Holmes looks just like 99 from Get Smart!

I want that coat. But never in a million years would I want her dodgy husband...

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