Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Framed plates

I just realised I didn't post these, and they were one of my favourite parts of our wedding.

After designing and printing our beautiful invitations, the wonderful Helen from Sweet Olive Press let me have the plates she had made for them. Above are the plates I had framed as a gift for my parents, with the rsvp cards and their address, and I had the plate for the invitation card itself framed as a wedding gift for D*. The finishing touch to a perfect day.

*Unfortunately, after being mounted on emerald green silk and carefully framed behind non-reflective glass at hideous expense in a gorgeous blue-grey frame, D's gift was damaged when our flat flooded while we were on honeymoon. It's part of the insurance claim however and the plate itself is still intact and ready to be re-framed when this whole debacle eventually comes to and end.


Sweet Olive Press | Helen said...

It looks fantastic!! (Relieved - and a little surprised! - that the plate survived the flooding. Wow.)

pinkmilk said...

Yes, me too! The beautiful green silk is watermarked, but the plate itself has been re-oiled and packed away until I can get it reframed in the New Year. We presented Mum and Dad's to them just after the speeches on the boat, they were delighted :)

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