Sunday, 28 November 2010

La Pâtisserie des réves

What a wonderful wedding present, a tasting session at the scrumptious Pâtisserie des réves in Paris' 16th. Created by master patissier Philippe Conticini, these are award-winning cakes to be taken seriously.

We started with a late breakfast of feather-light buttery brioche, doorstep slices of French toast and petits pains gourmands, speciality bread rolls sprinkled with vanilla sugar. Earl Grey and strong black coffee cut through the sweetness, and freshly squeezed orange juice with cloves revived our palates, already straining under the weight of so much butter and sugar.

The salon de thé on rue de Longchamp is light and airy, with double-height windows that look onto a small terrace and a smiling welcome from Vincent. The patisseries are displayed under weighted bell jars, gift items and baking ingredients are high up in niches, giving the shop the air of an art gallery. Fully deserved, as Conticini's créations are culinary works of art.

Take exhibit 1. Post-brunch and already full, we chose to taste the Black Forest gateau, one of the more extragavant items on the menu and rarely seen in patisseries. The gateau, all overblown layers of chantilly cream, dark chocolate sponge and rich cherry syrup, is tucked into a cherry-shaped chocolate shell, itself dipped into cherry glaze. With a tap of the fork, it breaks open with a satisfying crack and spills its contents.

Simple by comparison, our next choice was the sweet orange tart. A dense biscuit base, with a light orange cream and orange glaze that was bittersweet and refreshing. Brioche, bread, toast, gateau, tart, and full bellys.

La Pâtisserie des Rêves

Shop and salon de thé: 
111, rue du Longchamp
75016 Paris

93, rue du Bac
75007 Paris

Thank you Delphine Chan!

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